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Highway Cabs

Highway Cabs was established with the mission to provide convenient and extensive travel services of value to all its customers. Within a couple of years of establishment, Highway Cabs could provide travel services in each and every district of Andhra Pradesh. It is spreading this unique ability to various states in India. With effective usage of Technology and Modern Practices and continuous improvisation, Highway Cabs enhances value to its clientele. We aim to achieve this with the help of our strong team and a robust operational model. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, working hard to serve our customers and even harder to empower partnering operators and drivers.

  • Our starting point is giving customers the confidence of finding safe, reliable, and comfortable taxi rides anywhere and anytime.
  • We run a robust and scalable technology platform that allows us to gather and analyse data to help serve our customers and drivers even better.
  • A highly data-driven culture ensures that decisions both big and small are guided by gut and numbers.
  • Finally, to run our operations smoothly with a diverse team comprising customer support, driver relations, technology, and marketing requires a highly equitable and friendly culture that we strive tirelessly to maintain.